The Song of Rahu is an epic poem I wrote more than thirty years ago. It is a key to a harmonious life. The Song of Rahu is key

The book is now published and is available HERE ON AMAZON in EBOOK and PAPERBACK.

Other editions will be available soon.

What we’re hearing about The Song of Rahu book

“Your book is pure genius!”

“Profound and ethereal all at once”

“It’s a masterpiece”

“It is rich beyond words and I imagine the reader to find endless treasure here. What a gift of love!”

“It’s turning my life around”

“I especially love the Padas and know that every time I visit them I will see another perspective”

“I love the real life stories”

“Deeply moving and heart touching”


Synopsis of the The Song of Rahu

Kishori Jeanette McKenzie’s epic poem explores the power of the shadow. The poem has been set to music in India with her son, Krishna McKenzie.

The Song of Rahu has been transformational for those at crucial turning points in their lives. It is a poignant reminder to shift perception, and harness what seems to be ‘unwanted’. It is like rocket fuel, which propels us to the next great state, now more than ever. Once we embrace this whole-heartedly as if steering into the skid, we let go and allow the transformation, KNOWING that all is well – and then we experience the greatest shift.

The surprising simplicity of the process is revolutionary. It changes how we view all so-called ‘shadow’.


The Song of Rahu is an extraordinary incantation, a powerful affirmation that all is simply the Beloved. In the midst of the darkest circumstances, the rhythm of this Song resonates as a sruti note. Its uniquely haunting beauty, together with the profound realisation of the author as she speaks, take the mind beyond fear to rest in the Truth of the non-dual state.

It activates FEELING, and embodiment.
Are you ready to explore this great mystery of the Shadow?

Hear Kishori Read Excerpts From The Song of RahuRahu synopsis

Excerpt 1 Prelude


Excerpt 2 Rahu Speaks

Prelude to The Song of Rahu

Rahu the merciless says

No amount of

Avoiding conniving

Squirming and skiving

Delaying and hiding

Guiltily lying

Deviously denying

Fearfully hiding

Slipping and sliding

Sighing and crying

For what is seemingly gone…


RahuOr choosing preferring

Planning and scheming

Wheedling and pleading

Wheeling and dealing

Contriving and striving

Hurrying scurrying

Anxiously waiting

Avoiding or hastening

What may be to come…


Will ever prevent

The terrible event

That awful fearful

Reality blasting

Merciful encounter

With Rahu… Now

Since Now is all there is.


When we open into embracing our whole story… beyond discrimination between “ideas of wrong and right doing”, Rahu, OUR BELOVED OPPONENT, becomes a friend and ally, leading into the state of true Yoga, union, free of separation.

That which appears to cut across our conscious choice, is actually one and the same. Nothing is lacking, nothing is wounded, nothing is broken. Our Beloved Opponent is indeed our lover. Calling attention home.

portalIt is now time to share The Song of Rahu

Life is The Beloved. We are constantly seeking to make it better, looking for the key.

For more than thirty years I have been unable to share this. It has been like sowing seeds on barren ground; ears have not been ready to hear. I originally published The Song of Rahu on CD, but few noticed. Its power can be discombobulating, triggering emotions like a land mine. Mind must be rooted in the Heart, anchored in the HeartField, steady and strong, to be able to mine the shadow, heralded by Rahu the Beloved. It is an invitation.

Be curious where the door is seemingly shut.

Hear the calling of the Unknown.

Renounce the illusion that there is Another.

Pass through the Portal of Now.

You cannot become what you already are.

Feel the pull to play… “Only what you love is REAL”.

Allow each drop of consciousness to ripple out.

“We are not yet born”     

ALLOW the New to come…

Rahu expresses that which cannot be spoken of. Imagination from the Heart is sacred – there is no fiction. That is the secret of Magickal Embodiment through the HeartField, the ‘Namaste’ process. What am I that I choose to radiate? I meet the apparent other where they are.

I LOOK, I FEEL, do not THINK. This understanding needs to be embodied to be able to mine your fossil fuel. It is self inquiry into your embodied self.

Humanity is preparing for the birth of the New Being. I AM the source of my life. A complete tide-turn. Naturally I am the whole, not a part. Each one of us IS the power. Identify with what you are PRIOR to this ‘story’, which has been your life so far. It is the ultimate fairy tale.

LOOK. Together we are all creating a better world, beyond conflict.



The Song of Rahu is a multi-sensory experience. Listen and feel into it with all your senses sharply honed. It cannot be fully experienced from the written word. I was inspired to write it after hearing and feeling the 108 Names of Rahu being recited in Sanskrit. I was shaking and crying, until I had committed the words to paper. And still each time I recite them, there can be a new word come forth. This is one of the reasons why it has taken so long to publish.

I am recording a series of interviews with Vedic astrologer Gary O’Toole, who was drawn to connect with me as he explored the Rahu tradition. Here is a link to his podcasts, which include our Rahu Interviews, with more to be posted soon.

Gary has kindly written a Foreword for The Song of Rahu book.

You’re welcome to visit and follow my Song of Rahu Facebook page for more Rahu-related posts over more than a decade.

Launched on the auspicious day of the Winter Solstice, the darkest night here in the northern hemisphere, signed copies of The Song of Rahu are now available for pre-order in paperback format. I am creating new programmes exploring The Song of Rahu as an incantation for coherence, a key to harmony in life, to actively mine any perceived shadow or apparent disturbances and embrace them, claiming the sovereignty which is your birthright.

The Song of Rahu e-book is now published on The Winter Solstice and Dark Moon 2022

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The Song of Rahu ebook

The e-book (click cover image on left to order) is now published on Amazon Kindle. You don’t need to have a Kindle device to read it, it’s also readable on other digital platforms including phone, tablet and laptop. It is also available in paperback.

As Kishori Jeanette McKenzie has made clear, this material is constantly being freshly updated, so please be patient if the book isn’t available for a few hours while it’s being updated to the latest version and republished on the Amazon platform, available worldwide.

It truly is a neverending story!



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Links to the podcast interviews exploring Rahu with vedic astrologer Gary O’Toole are HERE

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The Song of Rahu book cover credit: Andrea Swiedler

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