Kishori is a statekishori child

I am what you are, when your mind is rooted in the HeartField.

The body is the Opus Magnum, the Great Work, in the process of coming to birth. In the process of evolution, not yet fully revealed.

Nothing can die.

There is no fiction.

By your attention, anything we can see comes to life.

The whole cannot be described in one symbol.

Kishori is the spark, the point of light.

Only silence can describe it in full spectrum.

The whole cannot be described in parts.

Everything we look at is an expression of the whole, when we look with the eyes of the Heart.

Kishori is like a light switch in the HeartField.

The twinkle of a star.

We are formed from duality.

We create a new universe every time we breathe, shape shifting all the time.

A pattern of drifting clouds.,,

There is only Reality to experience.

Consciousness is everything, light and shadow – we can choose what to focus on.

Everything comes as an invitation so we can choose in the HeartField.

We experience duality and polarity so we can choose.

What you love is what is Real.

The new Being, not ever limited by circumstances, chooses the identity of wholeness. The four Yogic Flowers.

What you are is between Being and Becoming, constantly shape-shifting, allowing expression of the four Yogic Flowers.

The Sri Yantra is a symbol of the whole, representing the perfect Om.

Living Alchemy is recognising every single cell and bacterium as part of the whole in harmony.

We love.

Those who know do not speak.

Those who do not know carry on attempting.

Consciousness has produced this star-shaped thing, this Body.

Kishori is constant change.

Imagination is a portal – the space allowing from the no-place.

When mind think it is an individual rather than an expression of the whole, it does not work.

Every Being is a state.

We can choose mentors to be aspects of consciousness.

Imagination is the divine.

States are open to be chosen.

Kishori is a force of nature in expression.

An acorn has a force to become an oak tree. It is an oak tree in potential.kishori acorn

It is the same for all of us.

Snowdrops push through apparently against all odds, symbolising newness.

Rose petals symbolise fragility, but strength.

You have to be rooted in the HeartField, in the state to see this, to recognise it.

When you look at a mirror you can choose to see the speckles on the surface, or you can see right through in depth to infinity.

Human consciousness has a natural bias to harmony, away from chaos.

There is a constant pulsing rhythm in life, in the Now, in the moment, rooted in the HeartField.

Mind is an expression of the ocean. There are no boundaries. There is no death – consciousness never dies.

When one wave breaks, it doesn’t mean the ocean has gone. It goes on forever.

You don’t stop loving a child because it can’t tie its shoe.

Kishori is a singer and dancer who never grows old, always in the now, always new, expressing a neverending story.

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